The Western Australian Government has outlined an overarching mandatory COVID vaccination policy which covers a majority of occupations and workforce, and will be applicable to pump professionals working in the applicable settings.  

The policy strengthens current mandates for industries considered highest risk and covers the next groups of industries to be mandated, as well as a requirement for other critical workers to be vaccinated to be permitted to work in the event of a lockdown or similar restrictions.

The policy takes a phased approach that the State Government said is proportionate and based on the public health risk. 

Group 1: First dose by 1 December 1 2021 and fully vaccinated by 31 December 2021:

  • Industries determined to have high transmission risk, or are a vulnerability risk or are necessary or critical to the safety of the community, including the on-site resources sector; and staff working in or entering remote Aboriginal communities

Group 2: First dose by 31 December 2021 and fully vaccinated by 31 January 2022:

  • Industries and workforce deemed critical to ongoing delivery of business and the function of the community
  • Mandating requirement in place to ensure the continuity of key services and businesses in the event of expected community transmission
  • Workplaces covered include critical infrastructure and services necessary for health, safety and welfare of the community, any person, animal or premises; and building, maintenance or construction

Lockdown: Must be fully vaccinated to attend work during a lockdown or similar restrictions:

  • These critical workers must be fully vaccinated to leave home to attend work, to decrease transmission risk and prevent impact on the delivery of services.  
  • Workplaces covered include critical factories, manufacturing, fabrication and production; and other click and collect retail

Groups 1 and 2 of industries represent approximately 60 per cent of Western Australia’s workforce. With the addition of the lockdown group, approximately 75 per cent of the WA workforce is accounted for.

Premier, Mark McGowan, said, “Mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for more than half of WA’s workforce sets out a safe and clear framework for industries and workers, based on our expert health advice.

“This phased approach is safe and proportionate to the risk of COVID-19 in our community.

“WA needs to be prepared for community transmission – by mandating our essential and critical workforces we can maintain services, and businesses can continue to operate safely in the long term.

“It’s vital people can continue working should community transmission or a lockdown occur, so that delivery of critical services is not disrupted.

“We’ll be undertaking close discussions with industries over the weeks ahead to ensure industries and workers understand the policy well ahead of the implementation phase.”

Health Minister, Roger Cook, said, “Unvaccinated workers in settings in where exposure is likely can cause tremendous harm.

“They are a risk to themselves, their colleagues and the community.

“The danger from Delta is very real.

“We simply cannot afford the hesitant or complacent infecting those workers who have already been vaccinated.”

For more information on mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, visit,, or call 13COVID. To book a vaccine appointment, contact your local doctor or pharmacy, or visit

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