As one of Australia’s largest family-owned manufacturing, wholesaler and distributor of plumbing solutions, Austworld continues to grow its capabilities across the nation.

Expanding its head office in the booming Gold Coast City industrial district, Austworld is adding over 1000m² of under-roof floor space to accommodate a state-of-the-art testing and engineering facility.

With dedication to expanding the manufacturing, engineering and quality assurance divisions of the Austworld team, the new development will assist in delivering high-quality, innovative products with exceptional longevity.

The Queensland facility will include rainwater collection tanks, and leverage solar technologies to support the recycling and the reuse of test water – in best efforts to align consistently with an eco-friendly corporate initiative.

The Austworld multi-function laboratory, research and development centre will extend the level of testing and evaluation of Austworld products beyond that required of simply conforming to Australian standards, but by exceeding them.

Using the latest technologies

Approximately eight unique testing rigs will be coordinated via wireless, and touchscreen smart technologies equipped with data-logging capabilities.

Each specifically calibrated to tackle both performance and endurance testing. Premium pressure and temperature rigs will allow Austworld to rigorously evaluate its expansive range of brassware, valves and components, reinforcing their competitive edge in the market.

Additionally, the facility boasts a spectrometer, allowing the Australian team to regularly test the composition of local and imported raw materials to maintain Austworld’s highest standard of integrity.

The latest CNC machines will be a complimentary addition, allowing the teams to machine both brass and plastic to continuously develop upon the functionality of existing and new products.

Allowing Austworld to remain competitive by bringing innovations to market rapidly, the latest 3D printing capability has been installed and further enhances the ability to design and produce prototypes for customers and industry giants.

This technology also enables Austworld to develop stylish, fully functional engineering concepts that can be used for design validation and market feedback. Once models are printed, a surface coating provides an exact representation of the final launched product.

Providing quality products to the Australian market

Austworld provides collaborative, quality design and development services, ranging from concept to high volume manufacturing.

Now complemented by the enhanced head office facility, Austworld positions itself to leverage its location and Australian-experienced engineering specialists to drive growth from supporting local tank, irrigation, solar and heating manufacturers with proprietary components.

With limited time delay from technical drawing to 3D sample, Austworld also looks forward to driving the new and replacement tapware market with fashionable designs that meet rigorous standards in anti-vandal materials.

Maintaining the ability to adapt swiftly to market trends in interior design and the commercial residential housing sectors, Austworld now builds upon a reputation of durability and after sale support, generated from 40 years strong in the industry.

During the demand from the COVID 2020 residential housing boom, Austworld continued to maintain supplies to both large retail and independent stores.

Additionally, the business expanded many of its core commodity ranges and brassware fittings. The 2021 financial year will see Austworld continuing to grow its product variations and lines by investing in Australian infrastructure, competing strongly in the civil and council arenas.

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