The preparation and use of treated process water has an essential impact on the environment, as it saves precious and expensive drinking water.

The treated process water has a wide variety of uses in operational areas, such as pre-filtration for membrane systems, cooling water, flushing and cleaning water, water spray for dust suppression, seal water for mechanical seals and more.

The cost reductions for water treatment are also achieved by employing well-engineered pre-treatment methods.

Even with a low concentration of solids and suspended sediments within the secondary sedimentation tanks, the water quality is often not sufficient for direct use as service water.

Undissolved organic substances can lead to blockages, deposits and serious damage to the systems.

To achieve an appropriate water quality, suitable filters must be connected. This should enable impurities within a grain size range of 50 and 250 μm to be filtered out.

HYDAC Process Technology Division provides an optimal solution with the AutoFilt® TwistFlow Strainer ATF.

It ensures a reliable production of service water from secondary sedimentation tank’s run-off.

The AutoFilt  ATF is a patented, self-cleaning filter apparatus for solid-liquid separation. It is particularly suitable for separating suspended solids up to several grams per litre from treated wastewater.

Compared with conventional separators, the ATF saves more space.

For high flow rates virtually any number of ATFs can be combined into one system and thus flexibly adapted to the required flow rates.

Due to the use of conical slotted tube and sintered wire meshes (with filtration ratings of between 200 and 3000 μm), a precise selectivity and therefore, a constant filtrate quality is ensured.

And, due to the special flow conditions resulting from the element geometry and their arrangement, the pressure drop on the overall unit is low.

The pre-filtration of solid particles of a higher density means that the filter surface area can take a correspondingly higher load and the filter size can be comparatively small.

The filter elements are cleaned solely by flushing with untreated fluid

The ATF combines a centrifugal separator and inline filter in one system. It allows:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Separation performance
  • Particle retention security
  • Reliable trouble-free operation
  • Very low maintenance.

Therefore, HYDAC’s Twist Flow Strainer guarantees a reliable and efficient filtration of service water from a secondary sedimentation tank.

By using water from this tank, the company acts for a better protection of plant components and saves expensive drinking water.

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