Coliban Water (VIC) has announced the construction company that has been awarded two contracts for the remaining Harcourt Rural Modernisation Project pipeline works.

Leed Engineering and Construction has been awarded the contracts for the backbone and reticulation network pipeline works.

A delivery program for completion of the pipeline, property reinstatement and the installation of customer connection points will be developed in December  2015 and refined in early 2016. Construction on the remaining works is then expected to begin in January 2016.

The Harcourt Rural Modernisation Project aims to upgrade irrigation channels to the Harcourt region and provide Harcourt residents with year round access to water through a piped system.

The piped system will replace the existing concrete and earthen gravity channel system.

The project includes approximately 65 kilometres of pressurised pipeline, two pump stations located at Faraday and Barkers Creek Reservoir and a balancing storage tanks.

The project was put on hold in 2014 after disputes with previous contractor Redline Group, but work recommenced on the Barkers Creek and Faraday pump stations in November 2015.

Project superintendent, Mick Dunne, said the corporation was continuing to work towards having the project complete in time for the 2016/17 rural season.

Mr Dunne said, “With these two key contracts now awarded, and work already underway on the two pump station sites at Barkers Creek and Faraday, the project is progressing.”

“Whilst this procurement phase has been underway, we have been busy working behind the scenes with customers to ensure they are ready to connect to the new pipeline system when the project is complete next year.

“We are still working toward having the pipeline ready to deliver water to our 160 customers in time for the 2016/17 rural season,” Mr Dunne said.

To date 95 per cent of the backbone pipeline has been installed, with 17.70 kilometres out of the 19 kilometres and 25.42 kilometres out of the 44 kilometres (55 per cent) of the network pipeline is now installed.

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