With hundreds of local and international businesses vying for a customer’s attention, pump companies need to know how they can stand out from the crowd. The marketing landscape has changed enormously in the past decade with SEO, social media, and content marketing all becoming key elements of any marketing strategy.

The team at Monkey Media have evolved at the same time, and in this edition we give you a peek into how our marketing agency operates to help take pump companies’ marketing to the next level.

Australian pump companies need to be across a diverse range of industries, including water and wastewater, oil and gas, HVAC, dewatering, food and beverage, and chemicals, among other sectors.

Due to the sheer number of companies in the market, the internet can be a pump company’s best friend, but only if they know how to use it to their advantage.

We’ve analysed how pump end users find the products they are looking for online and found that when someone is searching for a pump they won’t go directly to a company’s website, but will Google how to fix a specific problem and find a pump that can help.

With this in mind, the best way to get noticed by pump users is to actively provide an answer to their questions or a solution to their problems.

How to get started?

Businesses talk about things like SEO, EDMs and adwords but when it comes to using these techniques for their company, they are often unsure where to start.

Most pump companies don’t have the time to dedicate to understanding this area properly or don’t have the resources to employ one person to work solely in marketing.

Monkey Media often works with companies who are only just beginning to market their business and helps to demystify how these marketing strategies can be implemented.

Our team also stays up-to-date on all the news and trends in the pump industry to make sure our clients always know what is going on.

To start, we help pump companies develop a clear strategy outlining exactly what they want their marketing to achieve (promoting a service, product, being viewed a certain way) and then we help deliver this by developing high quality articles.

Some companies spend a large amount of time creating well thought-out marketing plans but never actually implementing them, making any strategy useless. While it’s essential to know what you want to achieve, without tangible outcomes it won’t be successful.

Marketing Associate Mathew Walker and Associate Editor Jessica Dickers discussing the details of a pump company’s marketing focus to ensure upcoming articles maintain the company’s core messages.

Marketing Associate Mathew Walker and Associate Editor Jessica Dickers discussing the details of a pump company’s marketing
focus to ensure upcoming articles maintain the company’s core messages.

Our outcomes are the articles created, which can be targeted to a specific market or be used to reinforce a message.

While any company can write a few paragraphs telling everyone how great their product is, the difference with Monkey Media is that a team of journalists and editors are creating content that shows your business in a positive light while still providing the reader with useful and sought-after information.

These stories are sent directly to the inbox of customers and can be tracked, so pump companies can see how many people are reading them, and who, which creates hot sales leads. The key here is to have good information – it shouldn’t just be about you, it should be useful information for your reader.

If customers receive regular online newsletters filled with articles they find helpful or interesting they are more likely to have your company front-of-mind the next time they need to buy the products or services you offer.

Writing informative and useful articles

Firstly, we work with the business to decide what areas they want to focus on, which is then clearly laid out in a one to two page ‘marketing focus’ document.

This document then becomes a guide for our journalists to refer back to, ensuring each article relates back to a core focus.

Once the focus is decided, we develop a list of topics and write the articles. This can include interviewing staff or writing technical and issues-based articles. The process is easy because the company can decide what level of input they want, while retaining overall approval.

The articles produced for pump companies can include technical information; tips for selecting, installing, or maintaining a pump; how to fix or prevent specific pump problems; how to reduce costs or fuel; how to increase efficiencies; case studies of clients using pumps; or the benefits of specific products or services offered. We also create a bank of less time-sensitive story ideas while keeping tabs on what is happening in the industry.

Looking at the big picture

Our marketing process isn’t as simple as writing stand-alone stories and sending them off – it’s more holistic. We check-in regularly to see if current procedures are still working or if anything needs to move in a different direction.

As we’re also a publishing agency with our own magazines, namely Pump Industry, there are also opportunities to use this relationship to get stories published in the magazines and on our websites.

We can also manage external publications so stories can be seen by different markets or industries, or use our publishing and industry contacts to enhance the visibility of stories.

All of our experienced writers and editors have a strong knowledge of the pump industry and write content for Pump Industry magazine.

We know what pump users want to read and can create technical articles that are interesting to read without sacrificing the technical information. Pump companies can be confident they have a trusted expert on board rather than a marketing generalist.

Well written articles are at the core of all the content we create but we can also create other types of content for pump companies as part of a strong marketing strategy, including:

  • LinkedIn shareable graphics/updates on various social media platforms
  • A variety of design work, thanks to our in-house design team
  • Creating, managing or upgrading pump company websites and web hosting platforms
  • Sourcing images from our extensive database

It all comes down to content

Managing Editor Laura Harvey and Senior Designer Alejandro Molano repurposing a client article that proved popular on LinkedIn into Pump Industry magazine.

Managing Editor Laura Harvey and Senior Designer Alejandro Molano repurposing a client article that proved popular on LinkedIn
into Pump Industry magazine.

There’s no use having a great product or service if no one knows about it, so having a strong online marketing strategy is vital in making sure your company is the one pump users go to.

As consumers, no one likes to be bombarded with in-your-face promotional materials spamming their inboxes, which is why providing content that is useful and informative is key.

For example, if a pump company is providing information on a technique that will save pump users money or that will increase system efficiency, this is helpful content that people will want to read because it can directly impact their pump applications.

Or if a pump user is experiencing a specific problem, goes online to find a solution and finds an article explaining how your pumps can help solve that problem, they are more likely to contact you.

This high quality content allows pump companies to be seen by pump users as experts in their field, and as a company that can provide the solutions (and products) they need.

If your pump company could benefit from online marketing, contact Chris Bland or Mathew Walker at Monkey Media on (03) 9988 4950 for a confidential discussion about your needs.

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