Once again, technical content was extremely popular with readers. Some of the year’s most read articles, especially earlier instalments in our Understanding pump curves series by Ron Astall, were originally published in 2013, demonstrating their enduring appeal.

The top ten most read articles for 2014 were:

  1. Understanding pump curves #3: centrifugal pumps in parallel
  2. Understanding pump curves #4: variable speed – the answer to all your prayers?
  3. Understanding pump curves #2: stable & unstable curves
  4. Pump services in the LNG industry
  5. Understanding pump curves #5 : Minimum flow – part one
  6. Power station pumps
  7. ARC Valves – best practice for pump protection
  8. Pump school: NPSH and elevation
  9. Wear protection of pump components using hard coatings
  10. Dewatering an active zinc mine
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