Perth based engineering company, Energy Made Clean (EMC) has announced a new partnership that will see it expand its northern Western Australian market of off-grid energy solutions including heat pumps, water pumping, and stand-alone power systems.

Energy Made Clean has completed a partnership deal with the Western Australian Aboriginal group Eastern Guruma that will see Eastern Guruma acquire 50 per cent of the EMC subsidiary, EMC Kimberley’s (EMC Kimberley).

The deal also includes the appointment of an Eastern Guruma Director to the EMC Kimberley Board.

The partnership will allow EMC, through EMC Kimberley, to expand into the northern Western Australian market to capitalise on the growing requirement for reliable, off-grid energy solutions.

EMC Kimberley will provide innovative energy solutions including renewable energy technologies and stand-alone power systems which will deliver reliable, cost effective and low maintenance services to people living and working in remote areas.

EMC Kimberley will now establish an office and workshop in Broome to service this region and will engage with the local community in the consultation process in establishing energy needs as well as providing employment for local contractors to install and monitor energy systems.

EMC Managing Director John Davidson said he was excited about the opportunities that the partnership will bring.

“Eastern Guruma has a track record of successful projects within the Kimberley region. Eastern Guruma’s civil and construction expertise is ideally suited for the installation of EMC renewable energy systems,” Mr Davidson said.

“We are confident we can supply a range of energy solutions to meet household, industry, government and community needs throughout the Kimberley region.”

Since they were established in 2004, Eastern Guruma have collaborated with Aboriginal groups to become one the most successful Aboriginal Businesses in the Western Australian Mining Industry providing Civil, Mining, Facilities Management and Landscaping services throughout the region.

EMC Kimberley will build on this success with a range of solutions, such as providing contract engineering services, smart meters, remote monitoring, industrial energy efficiency and designing solutions for the installation of renewable energy technologies, such as wind, solar, geothermal, heat pumps, water pumping, and stand-alone power systems.

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