Ichthys contractor McDermott is seeking a subcontractor to perform flushing of the hydraulic system of the onshore works of the subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines which form part of the offshore production facilities of the Ichthys LNG project.

The scope of subcontract pertains to the provision of all project management, engineering, labor, equipment, materials, testing and documentation to provide Hydraulic Flushing of the onshore works as part of the Ichthys URF EPCI contract, awarded to McDermott Aust. Pty Ltd. Offshore works are to be conducted on the North West shelf.

The technical is summarized as the following discrete packages of work.

1. Location of work, PTMI fabrication yard in Batam – Indonesia

2. Hydraulic Flushing for Tubing, maximum diameter is 1”

3. Preparation of Flushing Pressure Testing and Cleanliness Procedure in accordance with TOTAL 2010 GS EP SPS 023 Rev 5 for Tubing Cleanliness Requirement

4. Modules locations as follows:

• PRB – 3 modules

• GERB  – 1 module

• MEG Manifold  – 1 module

Current planning has mobilization of the hydraulic flushing to occur in Q1-2014 and demobilization of the final in Q4-2014.

Submissions close on 14 March 2013, see here for more details

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