Helical Rotor Positive Displacement Pump

Roto Pumps are widely acknowledged for customisation of helical rotor positive displacement pumps and their rich experience in application engineering. We have a rich experience of more than 50 years and helped the leading wastewater plants in solving the critical fluid engineering challenges, and ensuring the smooth and consistent flow. 

We Pump It All

The wastewater industry is one of our prime industries. Roto’s technical team has developed a wide range of helical rotor positive displacement pumps to handle the entire wastewater application, from the preliminary treatment process to final sludge dewatering. 

Helical rotor positive displacement pumps

Helical Rotor Positive Displacement PumpRoto helical rotor positive displacement pumps are designed for continuous or intermittent transfer duties in innumerable applications for varying viscosities, abrasiveness and even fluids with high solid content across range of industries like wastewater, paper, chemical, mining, marine, paper, oil and gas, etc. These pumps have single rotating element which helps in delivering uniform, metered and non-pulsating flow of media.

  • CAPACITY: up to 500m3/hr
  • PRESSURE: up 48 bar
  • VISCOSITY: p to 30,00,000 cSt
  • SOLID HANDLING CAPABILITY: up to 40 per cent

Prestigious installations in the wastewater industry

We at Roto Pumps have installed more than 250,000 helical rotor positive displacement pumps across 25+ industries and have handled more than 5,000 fluids successfully. These highly efficient and robustly designed pumps can effectively handle fluids with different viscosities and chemical properties including abrasive chemicals, corrosive fluids and solid laden waste. Here we share some prestigious installation of our pumps in wastewater sector: 

RL 671 Pump transferring activated sludge.

RMAA 702 Pump transferring biomass sludge.

RMCB 512 Pump transferring dairy effluent.

RMCB532 Pumps transferring concentrated flocculants.

About Roto Pumps Ltd Australia

In 2001 Roto Pumps Ltd established a branch in Melbourne, Australia, with a warehouse and assembly infrastructure to provide positive displacement pump solutions to various industries. The facility was established with an aim to cater to the growing markets of Australia and New Zealand.

To gain a strong foothold in the Australian Market, Roto Pumps focused on providing customised engineered pump packages, strong service support and ensuring ready availability with optimum stock levels of pumps and spares. Also, Roto Pumps Australia has established an extensive network of distributors and channel partners.

With 20+ years of experience in the Australian market, Roto Pumps have demonstrated their expertise in application engineering i.e. understanding of complex pumping requirements, handling critical media, optimising pump lifecycle cost. Also, we have supplied and installed thousands of high-quality helical rotor positive displacement pumps and spare parts.

Key Capabilities of Roto Pumps Australia:

  • 20+ years of strong presence in Australia
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure
  • Readily available pump and parts stock (including other brands)
  • Huge warehouse facility ensuring on-time delivery to customers
  • Robust supply chain network with localised sales support
  • Cost-effective and customised engineered packages
  • Expertise of handling more than 5,000 fluids across 25+ industries
  • Strong sales and service support team in Australia

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