Fitzroy River Water (FRW) has completed an upgrade of the pumping capacity at the Lucas Street Water Pump Station in southern Gracemere.

Council’s Water Committee Chair, Councillor Greg Belz said the $15,000 upgrade will see greatly improved ability to meet demand during high consumption periods.

“FRW have taken a proactive approach and upgraded the pumping capacity by 50% to meet future demand in high consumption periods,” Cr Belz said.

“Earlier this year we saw water pressure reduction issues in southern parts of Gracemere due to insufficient pumping capacity which prompted this upgrade.

“This project is part of FRW’s ongoing commitment to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and keep up with demand,” he said.

The upgrade included the installation of larger impellers in each pump and the replacement of the pump control system to ensure optimal operation of the water pump station.

Cr Belz said an additional project planned for next financial year will see an electrical upgrade completed that will further increase the capacity of the water pump station to ensure it continues to meet the increased demand in this rapidly growing area.

“FRW will continue to work on well planned improvements to its supply and delivery of quality drinking water to the Region,” he said.

This project reached completion on Tuesday 7 May 2013.

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