Water Corporation has urged South Hedland residents to consider what they put down their toilets, sinks and drains to prevent blockages in the wastewater system (WA).

Water Corporation North West Regional Manager Rino Trolio said toys, clothing, jewellery, scissors, cotton buds, clothing and even bed sheets were just some of the items finding their way into the local wastewater system.

“All these items can block pipes, and in the worst case, cause wastewater to overflow into nearby properties, as well as into the environment,” Mr Trolio said. 

“That is why we need your help to look after the local wastewater system because the consequences can affect public health and the environment.”

Mr Trolio said strange items had even found their way into the Water Corporation’s treatment plant and this could overload that system and affect its reliability.

“Depending on the location of the sewer blockage the responsibility may fall upon you to fix the issue,” Mr Trolio said.

“Wastewater blockages within the property plumbing are the property owner’s responsibility. If a blockage is in the sewer main (normally outside the property), it is Water Corporation’s responsibility.”

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