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More than 100 million litres have been pumped out of Blackwattle Bay, to allow major structural works to begin on the new Sydney Fish Market site.

Pumping water out of the Bay has created a dry working space within the cofferdam, which was constructed using more than 1,000 interconnected sheet and tubular piles and has been drained to about four metres below sea level.

New South Wales Minister for Infrastructure, Rob Stokes, said the draining of the cofferdam was a major engineering feat and created a dry working space so building can commence safely on the main structure.

“Infrastructure creates opportunity, and the relocation of the Sydney Fish Market to the head of Blackwattle Bay has been the catalyst to transform a patchwork of industrial uses to a stunning new precinct on the harbour foreshore,” Mr Stokes said.

“This is an engineering feat that has enabled the creation of a new public boardwalk along the foreshore four football fields in length and 15 metres wide where people can walk, ride and linger after a long lunch at the Sydney Fish Market.

“This project will employ more than 700 people and their work to drain the cofferdam is a significant milestone in the construction of what will be one of Sydney’s great attractions for locals and visitors alike.”

Multiplex Regional Director, Daniel Murphy, said the draining of the cofferdam was an exciting milestone for the delivery team.

“For the first time, the dewatering of the cofferdam has given us dry ground on which to start building the main structure. It has been a unique and complex challenge, and we can’t wait to see the new Sydney Fish Market continue to take shape,” Mr Murphy said.

The new Sydney Fish Market is on track to be completed in 2024.

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