Dimensional tolerances are small on vertical pumps, as pumps can be 0.2-0.5m in diameter and 20-40m long.

Conversely line shaft bearings, often carbon bearings are generally used which do not perform well under prolonged stress and slowly loosen over time.

These resultant increased bearing clearances culminate in shaft whipping, high vibration and severe pump damage.

At ITT Blakers, we upgrade line shaft bearings with a selection of engineered materials used for extreme wear applications.

Without these modifications line shafts, line shaft couplings and line shaft bearings are frequently replaced during overhaul. The ITT solution provides the redesign of the bearings to introduce shaft sleeves.

Here, the sleeve becomes a consumable item, thus protecting the shaft. For extreme wear conditions such as those experienced by seawater intake/lift pumps, ITT has also successfully developed hard-faced shaft sleeves using laser bonded plasma arc technology, increasing the wear resistance of the shaft.

Saltwater also damages the wetted parts severely, the bowl assembly, columns and line shafts. The ITT solution to this is to upgrade standard materials to Super Duplex, SS Grade 5A with PREN>45 to significantly increase corrosion resistance.

In addition, we also offer impeller and/or bowl redesign plus hydraulic changes for the ultimate life extension and energy reducing solution.

In all instances, a separate bearing retainer with additional accessory parts makes it difficult to achieve positive alignment.

The ITT solution is to upgrade columns with a Goulds integral bearing retainer which are economical to produce and vastly reduce any chance of misalignment.

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