TasWater commenced operating on 1 July, 2013 and was formed through the amalgamation of the three Tasmanian Water and Sewerage Corporations Ben Lomond Water, Cradle Mountain Water, Southern Water, and their service firm Onstream. The new entity is undertaking a range of water and wastewater infrastructure work including pump station upgrades.

Based on the annual reports for 2011-12, the scale of the combined statewide corporation is anticipated to be:

  • combined annual turnover of $246.6M
  • combined total assets $2187.5M
  • over 200,000 water connections
  • over 178,000 sewerage connections
  • combined capital expenditure $105.2M

Major sewer projects underway include the  Lilydale Treated Water project. This $1.6 million  project has involved the construction of a 25 kilometre pipeline to transfer treated water from the East Tamar main at Mount Direction to Lilydale in addition to the construction of a 1 megalitre water storage reservoir and pump station.

Projects also include sewerage pump station upgrades in Blackstone Heights, Brighton, Claremont, George Town, Hadspen, Launceston, Legana, St Helens and Swansea

See here for a full list of projects.

These four Corporations were formed in late 2008 as a result of significant reform of Tasmania’s water industry, and commenced trading on 1 July, 2009.  The three Regional Corporations (Ben Lomond Water, Cradle Mountain Water and Southern Water) were owned by local government councils within their respective regions.  As the shared services business, Onstream was owned by the three Regional Corporations.

In September 2011, the Board Chairman initiated discussions with owner councils about the potential benefits that could ensue from a single statewide water and sewerage corporation.  After a series of reviews, council owners in all regions agreed to move to a single corporation that merged the current four corporations.

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