Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) irrigator customers have been asked to place their water orders early to prepare for an expected increase in demand.

Water orders within GMW’s irrigation delivery networks commonly peak in autumn. 

Recent dry weather and relatively full storages have resulted in GMW expecting weeks of particularly high demand.

During these periods, it is common for channels to operate near capacity as they deliver high volumes of water to irrigators.

GMW’s Water Delivery Services General Manager, Warren Blyth, said customers could support the delivery process by placing their orders early.

“In times of high demand, our water planners strategically time water deliveries to ensure channels do not exceed capacity.

“If customers place their orders well in advance, it means our planners have greater scope to optimise the capacity of the channel system and ensure everyone receives their orders at the requested delivery time and flow rate.

“It can also create opportunities for us to undertake maintenance works on channels including treating aquatic weeds that could otherwise affect flow rates.”

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