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When deciding who to give their patronage to, customers look to pair with companies that prioritise quality, service and delivery.

SEW-EURODRIVE understands the critical importance of minimising downtime and maximising operational efficiency for equipment manufacturers, system integrators and end users. The company’s commitment to delivering end-to-end service solutions is exemplified through its comprehensive approach, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of equipment. 

In conjunction with SEW-EURODRIVE’s suite of support offerings, quality, service and delivery are paramount to creating a competitive edge for its customers. At SEW-EURODRIVE, this process begins with its knowledgeable sales and engineering teams, who guide the selection of optimal solutions. This support extends throughout the product’s life cycle, with dedicated service and repair teams providing ongoing maintenance and assistance.

High-quality product offerings

Quality is ingrained in the company’s products, representing variety, reliability and innovative strength. From product design to employee training, SEW-EURODRIVE prioritises quality at every level of the organisation. The company’s commitment to continual improvement is reflected in its systems, processes, and services, supported by customer feedback and a dedication to providing a safe working environment.

“We have been very impressed with the support and service that their team has provided over this time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SEW to any OEM wanting a quality product, backed by excellent service and support.”

– Phil, Engineer

SEW-EURODRIVE’s Australian operations are ISO 9001 certified, ensuring adherence to the highest standards in Quality Management Systems across sales, assembly, supply and technical support.

Delivering exceptional service and support

SEW-EURODRIVE’s service and support extend beyond the sales process, beginning with pre-sales assistance and continuing through installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance phases. The company’s experienced professionals provide invaluable support –  reducing errors and uncertainties during installation and ensuring optimal system performance throughout its life cycle.

“A team member has assisted us with our gantry application on MovidriveB from prototyping proof of concept until initial commissioning done yesterday at our site. Their professional skills, talent and demeanor has been most appreciated and a further token of trust has increased in our relationship with SEW.”

– Shabbir, Senior Electrical Engineer

Going the extra step with delivery

With a modular product portfolio and extensive stock holdings, SEW-EURODRIVE can swiftly supply products to meet urgent requirements, even in emergency breakdown situations. The engineering team is adept at reengineering legacy products, providing energy-efficient solutions with reduced maintenance needs. This commitment to rapid service turnaround has driven the establishment of service and support centers across Australia, ensuring proximity to its customers.

“Just want to pass on how pleased I was with the after-hours service Tuesday morning. The guys were pleasant and attentive to our needs after being woken up at 2:30 am. We also get great delivery turnaround with items already on their way before I even have asked the question. Another reason why we stick with SEW!”

Craig, Engineering Manager

SEW-EURODRIVE is dedicated to alleviating the pressures of potential downtime and lost opportunities, ensuring its customers can operate with confidence and efficiency.

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by SEW-EURODRIVE.

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