Volvo Penta’s engine range is characterised by high performance, reliability, fuel efficiency and low emission levels. Built to be versatile, their low weight, compact designs, easy installation and optional equipment packages make them perfect for numerous machine and equipment applications in a variety of industries.

As part of the Volvo Group, Volvo Penta is a premium supplier for engines for the pumping industry.

“We continuously work towards sustainable solutions and provide both OEMs and operators with state-of-the-art engines and technology based on over 100 years of engineering experience. Our engines power agricultural applications all over the world – contributing to the overall productivity of the operations through excellent performance and fuel efficiency,” Bjorn Saljo, Head of Volvo Penta Oceania said.

Aside from various pump applications (fire, irrigation, dewatering), Volvo Penta engines can be found in a wide variety of industrial applications including power generation, materials handling, rock crushing, underground mining equipment, ventilation machines, tractors, forestry machines, and tomato and cane harvesters, just to name a few. Some of the world’s largest equipment manufacturers turn to Volvo Penta for their engine requirements.

“Our industrial engines are all engineered to be part of a common platform. This means a future-proof engine range with engine interfaces and range architecture that match the different emission stages. The platform commonality also facilitates service and parts availability,” Bjorn said.

Cost of ownership

As part of the Volvo Group, Volvo Penta is at the forefront of the engine industry and is always looking for ways to reduce total cost of ownership while maintaining the reliability and the longevity of its engines.

To maximise uptime, most Volvo Penta Industrial engines can operate for 1,000 hours between service intervals. Productivity can be increased and uptime maximised by using the corresponding service protocol, an approved Volvo Penta Oil Analysis and genuine Volvo Penta oil filters with the appropriate oil and fuel quality.

The old and the new

With 30-year-old pump engines still in operation on farms throughout the country with well over 30,000 hours on the meter, it’s easy to see why farmers still look to Volvo Penta for their pumping requirements.

Ben Watson is from Allabah Pastoral Company, a large farm that produces cotton and raises livestock. Every day, Volvo Penta engines deliver indispensable work horses to Allabah’s pumps, running water with high reliability and uptime.

“We rely heavily on Volvo Penta to harvest water when it’s available,” he said.

“If you head down there some four or five kilometres in the pouring rain and are not able to hit the start button, it can be detrimental. With Volvo Penta on board, it’s just been awesome. It’s really changed the reliability and fuel efficiency too.”

David Phelps at Havana Farming also depends on diesel power to guarantee water is pumped to his vast plantation fields. The extended service intervals of Volvo Penta engines mean Havana Farming is cost efficient and always dependable.

“Volvo Penta is where we went 20-25 years ago. They’ve been very reliable motors, and now that we’re in an upgrading situation, we are just sticking with Volvo; I don’t see any reason to change. They were ahead of their time 20 years ago, as the new ones are now; they’re at the forefront too. Like any business, you’ve got to keep it humming, otherwise things can go backwards pretty quick,” he said.

Reliable engine, reliable network

With over 100 Volvo Penta dealers located around Australia committed to providing a first class service around the clock, you can depend on Volvo Penta for all your pumping requirements.
Engines ranging from 125HP through to 750HP configured for various pumping applications are in stock and ready for delivery nationwide. With over 100 years of state-of-the-art engine technology and engineering experience, Volvo Penta is here for generations to come, for the generations to come.

A few months ago Volvo Penta spent time with a film crew capturing footage around northern NSW to promote the brand and tell the story of cotton irrigation in Australia.

“We recently had a great opportunity to show our commitment to the cotton irrigation industry here in Australia by shooting a series of videos showcasing the product and the people involved. We are really proud of what we produced and look forward to supporting the cotton industry for the years to come,” Gavin Rooney, Sales Manager for Volvo Penta Oceania, said.

Watch the videos below:

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