The introduction of the new SSW900, low voltage soft starter series continues to build on the broad motor starter range offered by WEG in Australia.

Torque control through the starting, processing and stopping functions remains the core to any good plant operation(s), and the product features and functionality of all WEG variable speed drives (VSD) and soft starters are designed to deliver just that.

A risk of any product diversity is complexity in programming with the subsequent difficulties for those providing general support services, but WEG have that covered.

Every VSD and soft starter from WEG is designed and manufactured in-house, and comes with a common and universal approach to parameters, setup and complex programming functions.

Low and high voltage soft starters covering outputs from 2.2 to 5740kW, ultimately shares the same manual. Similarly WEG’s VSD range covers drives from smallest single phase units up to state of the art 11kV systems, which share a majority of parameters and logic.

Maximising the investment in the training of operators and technicians is made profoundly easier by this strategic approach to product design.

Speed in commissioning and during the fine tuning of processes underpins an overall lower cost to the customer, and having a consistent platform across all of WEG’s motor controllers makes this a reality.

The new SSW900 low voltage soft starter is the latest addition to WEG’s range. While keeping with the consistent approach, the SSW900 comes with additional functionality and contemporary features and will be taking over from the SSW06 series, which has been a product of choice for over 12 years.

This product fits seamlessly into WEG’s portfolio, with no disruption to their customers, distributors or service network, bringing functionality and practicality to the idea of “thinking globally, acting locally”.

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