Pioneer Tasmania water reintroduced

TasWater has received the green light to reintroduce a water supply to Pioneer, a village north-east of Launceston in Tasmania.

Regulators have officially approved the plan for a reticulated water supply for the town, after Dorset Council unanimously supported the proposal.

TasWater Acting General Manager, Corporate and Community Relations, Ruth Dowty, said that based on the support of its regulators and the council, the TasWater Capital Delivery Office (CDO) was now working on bringing the project to fruition.

“TasWater listened to the community and with the support of the Dorset Council, in consultation with residents, we will provide a new treated water supply for the township of Pioneer,” Ms Dowty said.

The expected completion date of the project is not yet determined; however, it is likely to take up to three years to construct the pipeline.

As part of its ongoing commitment to working with residents, TasWater will be conducting routine tank water quality tests the week of 4 May 2020.

This testing will continue to take place every three months until the new treated water supply is available.

“In addition, we will provide information and training on how to operate and maintain the rainwater system,” Ms Dowty said.

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