Seqwater has completed almost $800,000 worth of vital upgrades to the Kenilworth Water Treatment Plant to boost water security for the Sunshine Coast hinterland town.

Seqwater Chief Operating Officer, Stuart Cassie, said construction on the project, which began in late June 2020, had been completed on schedule in September.

Mr Cassie said Kenilworth was one of 16 off-grid communities across South East Queensland, which meant it was not connected to the SEQ Water Grid and relied on local water sources. 

“This project has seen upgrades made to the plant to improve the treatment process and treated water quality,” Mr Cassie said. 

“Without the availability of the grid, it’s crucial our off-grid plants continue to operate safely and reliably to meet water demand for these communities. 

“This is particularly important at a time when dry conditions have seen the local rivers that some off-grid communities rely on for water supply, stop flowing.

“This investment to upgrade the Kenilworth Water Treatment Plant is a move that helps secure local water supply into the future.”

Mr Cassie thanked residents for their patience, as the project work was delivered. 

The Kenilworth water supply scheme sources water from a wet well buried in the sand on the bank of the Mary River.

For more information about the project, click here.

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