Travelling irrigation hoses have to put up with a lot. The harsh Queensland sun, coupled with tough ground conditions means travelling irrigation hoses have to be constructed from the highest quality materials available in order for them to last.

Australian manufacturer Crusader Hose has recently announced a new quality in travelling irrigation hose. Marketed under the Waterlord brand, the new quality hose has had immediate acceptance in the harsh climates across Australia’s agricultural regions.

Crusader Hose Managing Director, Francois Steverlynck, said the new hose has increased abrasive resistance and less friction, with the addition of annealing in the production process.

“Through verified independent testing authorities, we know our quality is superior to imported products in abrasion resistance, tensile strength and burst pressure,” Mr Steverlynck said.

“We use UV stabilised, non-cracking material in our manufacturing process to suit the harsh Australian sun.

“We have also taken the opportunity to beef up our polyurethane coating, and now believe there is no better quality hose available anywhere.

“We offer a 10 year pro rata warranty and this is indicative of the confidence we have in the hose.”

Mr Steverlynck has been aware of the disappointments that many farmers have encountered in dealing with warranties on imported hose.

“I know of cases that when the time has come to honour the warranty on the faulty product, many delays and excuses have been used, resulting in the farmers having to pay virtually double. In dealing with an Australian manufacturer, warranty issues are dealt with swiftly and hassle free.”

Crusader Hose’s pricing is competitive because it doesn’t have the same pricing pressure as importers, in addition to not having to deal with overseas freight costs.

Crusader Hose said it looks forward to Australian growers supporting a quality Australian manufacturer wherever possible.

Crusader Hose is also pleased to announce an extension to the range of sizes available.

“We have reacted to market demand and have added 114mm (4.5″) and 125mm (5″) to our range,” Mr Steverlynck said. Waterlord hose can also be used for high-pressure pumping applications and is available in custom made lengths from 10 to 300m. The diameters range from 40mm through to 305mm ID.

Being an Australian manufacturer, Crusader Hose is leading the charge in developing high-quality layflat hoses and systems suitable for high volume and high pressure pumping applications.

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