The NSW Mineral Council has launched a new campaign to debunk mining myths. According to NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee,  decisions affecting mining, the State’s biggest export industry, must be based on facts not myths.

The land use facts information campaign – including TV commercials on water and land use – is being launched as part of the industry’s ongoing efforts to improve community understanding of the NSW mining industry and in response to misleading claims constantly made by activists and extremists who are using fear rather than facts to further their anti-mining agenda.

“From the amount of attention given to mining you could be forgiven for thinking that mines are engulfing NSW, but the reality is mining operations account for around 0.1% of the state’s land,” Mr Galilee said.

“That compares with 76% for agriculture, 7.6% for conservation and national parks and 1.8 % for homes and urban development. And the land used for mining must be rehabilitated.”

Mr Galilee said that NSW gets an excellent economic return from the land used for mining.

“Modern mining delivers around 25% of NSW exports by value, around 85% of the State’s electricity needs, and directly employs 80,000 people across the State in mining and minerals processing,” he said.

“Essential services and infrastructure are funded by around $1.5 billion a year in royalty payments to the NSW Government.

“And NSW mining companies spent over $9.3 billion with local businesses across the State and on wages in 2012-2013. This spending helps support tens of thousands of other jobs across the economy, underpinning the economic strength of many regional communities.

“NSW needs its modern mining industry. Let’s keep mining strong.”

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