Recently, vacuum pump and system solutions specialists, Emtivac, relocated to new, larger premises in Dandenong South, Victoria, after outgrowing their old facilities.

Emtivac’s new facilities are significantly larger and include a 25 tonne crane. This is especially vital given the rapid growth the company is currently experiencing, as they take on larger and larger jobs.

Emtivac is currently finalising their largest ever project – delivering two liquid ring compressor packages to be used for flare gas recovery at a Malaysian oil refinery.

The contract, worth approximately $3.5 million, was awarded to Emtivac by Malaysian oil and gas company Petronas.

The system recovers waste gas, which would otherwise be burnt up in the refinery’s flare stack, and puts it to use for heating during the refinery process. This saves money and reduces emissions.

The flare gas recovery unit consists of:

  • Two flare gas compressors, 2,000m3/hr each;
  • 500kW WEG flameproof electric motors;
  • Three-phase air/water hydrocarbon separator vessel.

The packages are designed and manufactured to meet both the API 681 standard and stringent additional specifications provided by Petronas. They will be delivered complete with all the electrical controls and wiring required.

All engineering, design and fabrication work on the baseframes, piping and vessels was carried out by Emtivac in partnership with other local businesses from the Dandenong area.

This is not the first such job for the growing company, who recently completed a project involving the design, fabrication and supply of eight liquid ring vacuum pump units for a new Saudi Arabian aluminium refinery.


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