A new project is in planning by Water Corporation to construct a new wastewater pump station and install over 1.4 kilometres of wastewater pipeline as part of a suite of works being undertaken to upgrade the wastewater system in Karratha, WA.

The proposed works include:

  • Constructing a new wastewater pump station adjacent to an existing pump station along Bathgate Road;
  • Installing 76 metres of 300 millimetre diameter wastewater pressure main along Bathgate Road;
  • Installing 1.25 kilometres of 150 millimetre diameter wastewater pressure main along Balmoral Road;
  • Constructing 72 metres of below ground emergency storage pipes at the pump station site; and
  • Installing 47 metres of gravity wastewater main to connect the new pump station to the existing wastewater scheme.

The proposed works are currently scheduled to commence early 2015 and will continue for a duration of approximately nine months, pending no delays during the approval process.

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