Two new codes for water and sewerage have been released by WSAA for regional New South Wales, following two years of work with the NSW Water Directorate Technical Steering Group to finalise the codes.

The two new codes are:

  • WSA 02: 2014-3.1 Gravity Sewerage Code of Australia (Regional New South Wales Edition) Version 1.0
  • WSA 03 2011-3.1 Water Supply Code of Australia (Regional New South Wales Edition) Version 1.0

Approximately 158 standard drawings have been incorporated into the Codes and after an intensive period of collaboration, WSAA is pleased to announce that both have been published and are available to purchase in eBook format from the WSAA Shop.

The Regional New South Wales Edition of the WSAA Water Supply and Gravity Sewerage Codes set out NSW Water Directorate participating members’ amendments to the WSA 02:2014-Version 3.1 and WSA 03:2011-Version 3.1 Codes. 

Many of the amendments incorporated into the latest edition of WSA 02:2014-Version 3.2 and WSA 03:2011-Version 3.2 Codes have also been adopted.

The NSW Water Directorate amendments include:

  • The requirements for specific detail which the Code anticipates individual water agencies will address
  • Additions, deletions and variations to the Code where the Code’s requirements are not compatible with the NSW Water Directorate participating members current requirements, due to such factors as local practice, climate, geographic and topographic conditions and statutory requirements, or where the Code is otherwise silent

WSAA recommended that purchasers of WSAA Codes first establish what version of WSAA Codes or Water Agency integrated Edition apply within the Water Agency’s jurisdiction.

WSAA Utility Members can access complimentary copies of the Code from their My Products page.

WSAA Private Utility, Consultant, and Stakeholder customers receive a 50 per cent discount on the WSAA Shop.

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