Work is due to commence on an upgrade of the Five Mile Brook pump station in Bunbury, WA.

The City of Bunbury has awarded Ertech with the contract to upgrade the pump station with works set to commence in February. The project will include a stormwater discharge capability of 1,000 litres per second, this being a 400% increase on current capacity.

The Five Mile Brook stormwater channel has an extensive catchment and usually flows into the ocean at its discharge point on Ocean Drive. When there is an extreme high tide this gravity flow system is prevented from functioning, and during heavy rain the pump lacks the capacity to remove the required volume of water from the channel, resulting in potential widespread flooding.

Additionally, the pump is nearing the end of its serviceable life and could fail at any time.

This capability will enable the upgraded pump station to mitigate flood risks for future generations. A second pump will also be installed as a back-up.

Bunbury Mayor, Gary Brennan, said the pump station was a critical asset with an upgraded value of approximately $1 million.

“It is essential that we maintain this valuable asset to ensure the community’s ongoing safety well into the future,” Mr Brennan said.

Works will result in a small section of Ocean Drive being closed for approximately three weeks at the end of February and start of March. Letters will be sent to residents advising them of works, and advertising on the City’s website.

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