Aerial map of scheduled sewer jetting in Merimbula

Bega Valley Shire Council is undertaking sewer jetting in Merimbula; clearing foreign objects and blockages from systems south of Main St and along Merimbula Drive.

The scheduled maintenance program will use high pressure water to clear sewerage infrastructure of blockages and debris, which on rare occasions can result in an unpleasant situation called blowback.

Jetting is a process to reduce blockages caused by roots, debris and things that have no place in a sewer.

It’s also an opportunity for Bega Valley Shire Council to monitor inappropriate use of the sewerage system, with blockages commonly arising from items like nappies, wet wipes and oils that have found their way into the network.

“Prevention of blockages plays a big part in protecting local environments from spills and it’s important to understand that flushing inappropriate items down the toilet will not make them go away,” a Council spokesperson said.

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