The Tasmanian Government is investing in primary industries, announcing that it will be expanding tranche three of its Pipeline to Prosperity irrigation project with $23.7 million for the Don, Tamar, Sassafras, Northern Midlands and Fingal areas. 

The state is investing $30.2 million to support water resources and irrigation, providing $5 million in funding for Tasmanian Irrigation to develop the business case for the South East extension, $1.5 million for the Rural Water Use Strategy and $10.2 million in the new Ag-Protection package. 

The Tasmanian Government is funding various primary industries, including agriculture, fisheries, mining, forestry and energy, to boost the local economy – investing almost $50 million to accelerate agriculture. 

The funding includes $3 million in the state’s Wild Fisheries Action Plan, to support processing, product development, new market development, and supporting skills development and fleet innovation.

The state is also funding $10 million to support more on-island processing, along with $1.15 million to assist the Tasmanian Timber Promotions Board to sell Tasmanian timber worldwide. 

Tasmania is also investing $450,000 to support the establishment of a Diversity Action Plan to increase gender and cultural diversity in forestry and mining.

The Tasmanian Government will invest $3.5 million in mining, including $1.5 million for the popular Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative and $2 million for its new Geoscience initiative.

The Budget includes $6 million to back export businesses, including delivery of the final three years of Tasmania’s first Trade Strategy.

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