The Daylesford Pipeline Project.

Construction on the Daylesford Water Supply Pipeline project has continued into winter with more than 3.5km of pipeline now installed, including trenchless work utilising a drill rig to install the pipeline across the planned route.

This trenchless technology has completed accurate boring throughout the pipeline route, and is being achieved through highly trained technicians, important planning, and advanced technical equipment.

Central Highlands Water is continuing to work closely with the Hepburn Shire Council and relevant cultural, environmental and community stakeholders during the delivery of this project. 

Once this $15 million project is complete, the 14km water pipeline will provide enhanced security of water supply within the Daylesford region, and future-proof the water needs of the area against the impacts of climate change.

Featured image: The drill rig completing a bore under Sailors Creek. Image credit: Central Highlands Water.

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