Tsurumi Pump is widely regarded as the global leader for construction site pumps. The company has established itself firmly in the Australian market in the last five years. Tsurumi has always had a clear focus on pumps for land reclamation, piling and the construction industry.

“It’s easy to see the origin of Tsurumi design criteria for construction application pumps,” said Aussie Pumps Product Manager Neil Bennett.

“The market calls for simple, robust, and reliable pumps that can take the rigours of working on sites where product abuse is not uncommon.”

Unique technology-based design

Tsurumi’s breakthrough design technology led to the incorporation of a unique anti-wicking cable entry that prevents water incursion. It’s a simple device that protects against the wicking of water up the cable in the event of damage of the submerged end.

They took a similar approach to mechanical seal design. Tsurumi ensured that both surfaces of the double silicon carbide seals used in their pumps are protected in an oil chamber. It is the immersion in oil of both seal surfaces that makes the difference. It eliminates spring failure caused by corrosion or abrasion and keeps both surfaces of the seal lubricated and cool.

All Tsurumi KTZ dewatering pumps and KRS series sand pumps feature this combination of protective technology.

“Tsurumi understands that the way to eliminate product failures is what they call ‘preventative design action’, so that ‘PDA’ philosophy has allowed Tsurumi to become the world’s biggest manufacturer of electro submersible pumps,” said Mr Bennett.

Other key features include top-quality ball bearings. A unique oil lifter is fitted in the oil chamber that continues to lubricate seals even if the oil level falls. This increases the time between routine pump maintenance and cuts down time and costs.

All heavy duty Tsurumi pumps use inbuilt thermal protection for the motor against overheating. Tsurumi’s dewatering pumps are heavy duty cast iron, with 316 stainless steel options readily available.

KTZ series

The KTZ series is now regarded as the most reliable construction site pump on the market. The semi-open impeller is high chrome iron and the whole design is so simple that impellers and suction covers can be easily changed on site.

The mechanical seal’s unique resistance to high pressure means that this series pump can be submerged to depths as low as 50 metres.


Neil Bennett supervises the installation of Tsurumi KTZ pump at a construction site.

KRS series

The KRS four-pole, slow-speed heavy duty sand pumps are also a major asset for sites involving bridge building, piling, and even in concrete batch plants. These pumps are built around a dredger principle with a second impeller mounted below the pump chamber. The lower impeller, designed to agitate the slurry, prevents choking and allows high solid content.

SFQ series

The 316 stainless steel SFQ series employs the same technology and features, but the pumps are manufactured from fully cast 316 stainless steel. That unique configuration allows the products to be used in the most aggressive mining applications, as well as with seawater, chemicals, and more specifically, chlorine used in wastewater or sewage treatment.

“Australian Pump Industries continues to build the Tsurumi reputation in Australia,” said Mr Bennett.

“We are encouraged by the recent positive moves in mining and believe that the cost-conscious contractors, miners and construction material manufacturers can continue to reduce expenses based on using these ultra-reliable pumps.”

Tsurumi pumps come with a unique three-year warranty.

“Tsurumi believes that the clearest way to convey confidence in the product to the market is with the three-year guarantee!” said Mr Bennett.

Free application stories, technical data, and selection guides are available from Australian Pump Industries on the website, by contacting or by phoning Neil Bennett on 02 8865 3500.

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