A $32 million early capital works program for Western Area’s Odysseus project in Western Australia has been approved by the Board.

The early works program will comprise three major work groups staged over an 18‐month period.

The first work program will include the refurbishment of existing evaporations ponds, pipeline upgrades and continuation of pit dewatering. The existing mine camp, with a 520 person capacity, will also be upgraded in readiness to cater for up to 100 contractors and employees.   

The second work program will involve construction of two new evaporation ponds and dewatering of the decline.   

The final work program will encompass infrastructure required to support the rehabilitation of the decline from the portal to 500m below surface

Western Areas Managing Director, Dan Lougher, said that the company is proud that the counter cyclical decision to purchase Cosmos in late 2015 is now rapidly crystallising into a significant organic growth project, with Odysseus to be the catalyst for the second production hub in Western Australia.

“We are very excited by both the Odysseus Project and the regional exploration potential that the greater Cosmos Nickel Complex demonstrates in both base and precious metals. We have taken this decision to commence early works, prior to the release of the DFS, due to our confidence in the overall project and just as importantly, our confidence in the nickel sulphide market.”

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