Bundaberg Regional Council has chosen Aquatec Maxcon and Queensland Concrete & General Construction (QCGC) as the providers for the Thabeban Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade project.

Aquatec Maxcon is responsible for the supply and installation of all mechanical works and equipment as well as the electrical works including PLC & SCADA.

The upgrade will cater to more residents, increasing the current plant’s capacity from 3000 persons to 9000 persons, facilitating economic growth and development in the region. The new plant will also provide high quality treated effluent for agricultural purposes on neighbouring properties and greatly improve the quality of unused treated effluent released into the Yellow Waterholes Creek. Furthermore, the project will provide opportunities for additional re-use options in the future.

Work on the Thabeban Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade is expected to commence in October and take approximately 12 months to construct and commission.

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