Australian Pump Industries, Tsurumi’s Australian distributors, is proactive in developing applications for slurry pumps. Tsurumi is now regarded as a leading submersible slurry pump manufacturer, with a wide range of pumps suitable for handling everything from sandy, salty water, to heavy duty slurry found in the quarry, mining or the concrete industry.

Big GSZ slurry pumps have an inbuilt agitator impeller to make sure the liquid is moving before it comes into the main pump chamber. That’s Tsurumi’s advantage.

Tsurumi, claimed to be the biggest manufacturer of electro submersible drainage pumps in the world, developed dewatering pumps during the land reclamation program of the 50’s and 60’s in Japan. Used by the piling and concrete industry, products were designed for these aggressive and abrasive applications.

Today the company is highly specialised, making slurry pumps from 2-pole all the way to 6-pole, capable of handling sandy liquids in quarries and concrete plants.

The secret of their success is the design of high chrome, cast iron agitators that ensure the smooth suction of the settled matter.

This same philosophy is used in single and 3-phase pumps alike, providing the ability to move solids in suspension that conventional pumps can’t handle.

The ultimate extension of the product range is 4 and 6-pole pumps with huge flows, capable of pumping thick slurry.

Tsurumi’s 4-pole GSZ Series will handle flows of up to 18,000 LPM, and heads of up to 54m.

The impeller, agitator and suction plate are made of high chrome cast iron to resist abrasion. Even if the impeller and suction plate wear down to the point of diminishing pump performance, the plate can be easily replaced or its gap from the impeller adjusted, giving users an easy, inexpensive means of extending use.

Tsurumi’s GSD series, a new range of heavy duty, high powered agitator pumps, feature horsepower ratings of up to 75kW.

They feature high heads and volumes and are set to change the way the international market thinks about mine, quarry and heavy mineral movement.

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