The Davey CS pumps are ideal for clean water applications and a variety of mildly aggressive applications where the water quality or corrosive resistance is important.  The Davey CS pump wet-ends use a 304 stainless steel pressed metal design to achieve this while providing high performance and efficiency.

Typical applications include dairy vat wash-down; hot water boosting in high rise buildings where they are operating as over-sized circulators or simply pressure boosting; pumping cold water for fluid chillers; as fertiliser injection pumps; treated water transfer; vineyards and small industrial applications.

A fertiliser injection application in Queensland is pumping dunda (a by-product from sugar mills that contains molasses and is high in potassium) at 420 lpm into the irrigation lines to water an orchard of Macadamia trees.  The pump is then flushed with fresh water between uses.

The CS range of 17 pump sizes covers heads from 15 metres to 58 metres and flows up to 1150 lpm.

The CS pumps are capable of pumping hot or cold water and with its high temperature mechanical seal can handle a wide liquid temperature range from -15°C to 110°C.

Davey’s design work has focused on the small things to improve hydraulic efficiency.  Davey’s patented floating neck rings typically improve pump efficiency by 2-3%.  By using progressive 360° flaring of the volute and advanced impeller design Davey’s CS pumps offer exceptional efficiencies; up to 77% on some models.

The CS pumps are close coupled to a standard frame (B35) motor all mounted on a sturdy 304 stainless steel base.  For easy maintenance, the CS pumps use a back pull out design to allow for motor replacement or pumps servicing without the need to disconnect the pipework.

Davey CS pumps are yet another example of functional and dependable pumps and water products Australians have learnt to depend on from Davey.

For more information visit or call 1300 2 DAVEY.

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