Caprari’s ongoing research is centred on the creation of eco-friendly products that both protect the environment and optimise energy efficiency and savings during operation.

With its usual care to customer needs, the company has set itself the objective of making its products competitive both in the value of the initial investment, and the operational and maintenance costs.

In recent years Caprari has developed a comprehensive range of electric pumps produced with special materials, suitable for use in heavy duty conditions with brackish, aggressive, sandy and marine waters: the ENDURANCE series.

These products are made using a precision stainless steel casting technique, which is capable of ensuring a high efficiency when combined with Caprari’s sophisticated design systems, above all thanks to the optimisation of the hydraulic profiles.

The high thickness of the stainless steel and the elimination of any welding give the ENDURANCE series extreme resistance to wear from sand and abrasion.

From design to manufacture, every aspect of these machines – materials, thickness, innovation and patents – is designed to make them the best performing, most reliable and most durable on the market.

With a high head per stage, this series offers a smaller size, more reliability and greater savings compared to top competitors.

Precision casting technology makes it possible to produce very thick components. The absence of welds guarantees continuous hydraulic profiles without friction and turbulence for greater durability and reliability compared to welded and moulded steel sheet solutions.

It is also possible to achieve performance curves centred on the duty point with specific impeller trimming.

All components are made of AISI 316 stainless steel, which guarantees high corrosion resistance (40,000 parts per million of TDS – Total Dissolved Solids).

In addition, for maximum reliability even in highly aggressive environments, the shaft and joint are made of duplex. The feather key seat on the shaft end has been eliminated, increasing the component resistance thanks to the transmission through splines.

The ENDURANCE electric pumps are designed to withstand galvanic corrosion thanks to the exclusive DEFENDER® system, an intelligent passivation device designed and patented by Caprari that protects the machine from the very first moments after installation.

ENDURANCE electric pumps are suitable for applications with solid content up to 150g/m3. They feature bearings with anti-recirculation lip protected against the introduction of sand.

The special PROTECTOR® device, installed in Nema couplings between the wet-end and motor, perfectly seals the area, protecting the coupling and preserving the motor mechanical seal against
solid substances.

Therefore Caprari represents an innovative approach, aiming at carrying out an ongoing improvement of the combination of products and services, while remaining focused on the needs of customers, for whom Caprari represents not only a supplier, but an authoritative, reliable and attentive partner.

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