The $28 million upgrade to the Mt Kynoch Water Treatment Plant is on track to be completed by early 2024, with civil and structural works, including concrete base slabs and wall sections for new treatment facilities, currently being constructed.

Toowoomba Regional Council Water and Waste Committee Chair Cr, Rebecca Vonhoff, said work was progressing.

“This is a critical project for our community to ensure we’re able to deliver safe and reliable water to all residents connected to the Toowoomba Water Bulk Supply,” she said.

“I’ve been on site and there’s been a huge amount of work done. Apart from noticing a crane, many residents might be unaware of the scale of the project that is being done at the top of Mt Kynoch.

“Works have progressed on the raw water main duplication works in Shuttlewood Court and valve works to the Cooby main have taken place.

“Reinforcement and formwork installation for the remaining wall sections is underway and rock excavation works in the area of the new media filters has also been completed.

“It’s pleasing to see this progress on the water treatment plant which is almost 50 years old.

“The facility was first built in 1975 and since then we’ve had the amalgamation of eight councils, as well as significant population growth, which has had an impact on our ability to service everyone connected to the network with the system at capacity during peak periods.

“With further growth expected, Council intends to build a new water treatment plant, however while that piece of work is taking place, the upgrade on our existing facility will see the filtration capacity increase from 49ML/day to 65ML/day.

“Other works which will take place over the coming year include replacing mechanical and electrical equipment, improved chemical management and new chemical dosing systems, and remediation to increase the longevity of the existing concrete tanks.”

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