As global demand for energy continues to grow, oil and gas companies continue to increase production. However, due to low oil prices, improved operational efficiency is required to deliver the highest production at the lowest cost.

To do this, they need proven and reliable technology from companies well versed in the demanding environment of upstream oil and gas production.

Through its various brands, SPX has a proven track record of success within the challenging and unforgiving oil and gas sector.

At one of the industry’s leading oil and gas events, OTC 2015 held in Houston, SPX has represented technological leadership and market experience through several of its brands – ClydeUnion Pumps, Bran+Luebbe, Copes-Vulcan, Johnson Pump, Bolting Systems and Power Team.

“Through our various brands at SPX we understand the needs of the oil and gas industry,” said Ross Dobbie, Business Development Manager-Upstream Oil & Gas, SPX Flow Power & Energy.

“It is an industry that is facing significant challenges, both financial and technological. With our engineering expertise and experience throughout our global organisation we are ideally suited to serve the oil and gas industry meeting its specific requirements.”

ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX Brand, provides class leading pumping solutions to oil and gas companies across the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. For use in water injection, flowline displacement or in main oil line applications its CUP-BB5HP pump encompasses heavy duty, radially split diffuser type, multi-stage pumps available in two configurations: inline or back-to-back impeller arrangements.

The advanced design of the CUP-BB5HP includes key features such as a pioneering Shear Ring cartridge locking system which enables rapid withdrawal of all the pump internals as a cartridge without disturbing pump alignment or pipework. This greatly reduces the time required to maintain the equipment compared to conventional methods.

The SPX ClydeUnion Pumps HSP (Hydraulic Submersible Pump) is an innovative artificial lift technology designed to eliminate failure modes of electrical alternatives in order to provide optimum reliability for downhole lift and seabed boosting applications. It features a hydraulic turbine drive with multiphase helicoaxial pump end, which is particularly suited for use in wells with high gas content or heavy oil.

Another well-established SPX brand within the oil and gas sector is Bran+Luebbe, a global leader in metering, analyzing and processing liquids.

Its extensive line of products includes metering pumps, process pumps, process systems, and chemical injection systems. The NOVAPLEX Vector process diaphragm pump combines the reliability of the Bran+Luebbe diaphragm technology with a compact, unique gearbox design.

This allows for the use of a process diaphragm pump for applications where a small footprint is required. An interface for the NOVALINK CSM on-line diagnosis system is integrated.

Copes-Vulcan has been providing valves to the oil and gas sector since 1903, and is recognized worldwide as a leader in valves for severe and critical service applications.

The RAVEN Control Valve incorporates a unique advanced design that is superb at rapidly reducing flow velocities, resulting in valves that provide quiet, non-cavitating and non-erosive service.

Every RAVEN trim is custom designed to meet the needs of the toughest liquid, steam and gas services in the oil and gas market. The number of pressure reducing stages is governed by two factors: velocity control and noise requirements.

“Finding innovative ways to help the world meet its ever growing demand for energy is a key focus for SPX,” Dobbie added. “We provide creative solutions to serve the global oil and gas markets in a myriad of ways.

With operations in over 35 countries, SPX has the global experience and regional presence, products and powerful ideas to help serve our customers more effectively and efficiently.”

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