The Australian agent of the no-swell, lubrication-free bushing and wear materials Vesconite and Vesconite Hilube continues to supply the company that first proved Vesconite’s suitability for pump applications.

VescoPlastics Australia’s technical expert Robert Egginton supplies the pump company with 40 to 80 bushings each year.

These end up in various pumps that the Australian branch of a global pump company uses in repairs or for unique applications, including models of different sizes employed in a variety of conditions.

Mr Egginton, who is part of a family-owned enterprise, notes that his father first started experimenting with pump bushings made of the polymer Vesconite in the 1980s.

When a pump company approached VescoPlastics Australia and stated that it was investigating changing over from bronze and asbestos-based bushings, Vesconite became one of the 18 materials that was bench tested in challenging conditions to determine which bushing material could survive in highly-abrasive conditions.

The pump company discovered that Vesconite performed best and lasted the longest of all the bushing materials tested.

“Whereas the material that it had been using lasted three to six months, the Vesconite lasted significantly longer,” Mr Egginton said.

“This is why the material continues to be used in the company’s pumps in mines, boreholes and in wastewater management.”

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