Jacmor Engineering is an authorised supplier of world-leading Thordon Self Lubricating Pump Bearings. Utilising proprietary polymers, Thordon high-performance bearing solutions have the capability to run dry, deliver high reliability and long wear life, particularly in tough abrasive operating conditions. This high level of product performance results in decreased lifecycle costs and increased mean time between failures for Thordon’s customers.

Jacmor Engineering regularly supplies fully finished bearings to leading pump companies, mining, sewage treatment plants, power generation, marine, offshore, pulp and paper, irrigation and other Industries across Australia. We also offer drinking water and FOOD grade bearings. Based out of Melbourne – Australia, Jacmor Engineering provides full technical and installation support. We carry a huge inventory and bearings can be dispatched overnight from our state of the art machining facility. To date, bearings to suit shaft diameters ranging from 25mm–1500mm have been supplied to valued clients across Australia. Thordon Bearings is the proven, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, solution for rigorous and demanding journal bearing applications.

For specific applications, feel free to contact Josh Sayed at Jacmor Engineering via email on or on 0447 546 142.

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