It can take weeks to reline and replace corroding underground water pipelines to renew and maintain them. At the same time, households do not want to have their water supply cut off during this maintenance period.

Faced with the challenge of refurbishing its water mains pipeline without impacting customer water supply, Yarra Valley Water approached Crusader Hose to find a solution.
Yarra Valley Water in conjunction with Crusader Hose developed the Pureline system using the Aqualine, a potable water AS4020 approved layflat hose for temporary water bypass.

Aqualine-Cover-Story-image-1This system incorporates a bypass hose which is unrolled and connected to each household along the street whilst the mains water supply is repaired. Drinking water can then be delivered to customers in an efficient and cost-effective method without interruption while maintenance work is being carried without interruption

Aqualine is a high-pressure layflat hose constructed with woven high-tenacity polyester yarn and covered with thermoplastic polyurethane to deliver high-working pressure and abrasion resistance during deployment and retrieval.

The potable water approved hose is rolled out as a temporary water supply system while the utility carries out pipeline refurbishment works.

The hose can be cut to suit any length — in this case 9m lengths were required — and a T piece coupling is attached at each end. From these outlets, households are connected to the main line while pipe renewal or refurbishment takes place.

Aqualine-Cover-Story-image-3Keeping customers connected to the water supply
A major customer for this system has been Yarra Valley Water. The layflat hose has ensured that its clients are never disconnected from their water supply for longer than four hours, giving the utility plenty of time to carry out refurbishment works. The system can be in place for weeks and includes driveway plus road crossings.

When the pipeline renewal is completed, Aqualine can easily be rolled up and moved to the next location for deployment.

Today Aqualine is widely used and adopted by major utilities contractors to carry out their water mains renewal, ensuring uninterrupted water supply to households across Victoria and New South Wales.

This partner content is brought to you by Crusader Hose, an Australian manufacturer of high-quality layflat hose made to Australian standards and is based in Melbourne, Australia. For any enquiries, please contact (03) 9720 1100 or email

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