Drilling works have commenced on the new Surat Bore project, and once complete, pump tests will be undertaken to determine the size of the pump and switch board needed.

The drilling works began on Monday 21 September, and are expected to be underway for approximately three weeks.

The bore is set to supply the town of Surat with a much-needed backup water supply due to ongoing drought conditions, with the Balonne River level seeing a significant drop in recent years.

In June 2020, Maranoa Regional Council undertook the first community consultation where residents were invited to provide their feedback on the proposed location of the new bore and had the option to provide an alternative location for the new bore in Surat. 

The council undertook further community consultation after feedback was received for alternative bore locations in August, before a final location for the new bore was decided. 

Council resolved on 12 August 2020 to approve the new bore to be placed at the weather station opposite the water tower.

​Maranoa Regional Council has received $1 million in funding from the Australian Government through the Drought Communities Programme Extension for the Maranoa Water Supply Security, Surat and Yuleba Township Project (including two new bores, one in Surat and the other in Yuleba).

For more information, please contact Council’s Water Team on 1300 007 662, or click here.

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