SunWater is seeking tenders for the design and construction of a pumpstation control building the Woleebee Creek to Glebe Weir Pipeline Project.

SunWater is preparing for the construction of a 120km water pipeline from Woleebee Creek to Glebe Weir, Central Queensland. Construction is anticipated to commence in March 2013, with completion by February 2014. A Pumpstation Control Building is a critical piece of infrastructure on this pipeline.

For this Request for Offer (RFO) the Offeror shall submit an Offer for the full Design and Construction of the Works and items to be delivered under the Contract. The successful Offeror is responsible for design, interface engineering, supply, delivery, installation, commissioning and Design Documentation for the entire Works.

The tender closes on Thursday, 15 Nov 2012 at 2:00PM Brisbane time. For more information contact Migsi Le Riche (07) 3120 0026,

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