The W22 Magnet Drive System composes premium and ultra premium efficiency motors with permanent magnets driven by frequency inverters. Perfect for applications where speed variation, precise control at low speeds, low noise levels and compact design are critical.

The W22 Magnet enables a reduction of up to 55 per cent in energy consumption when used in bag filter applications.

Volume reduction mass reduction

Induction Motor IE4

Output: 30kW
Speed: 3000 rpm
Frame: 200L
Mass: 265kg
Volume: 7dm3






W22 Magnet Motor IE4

Output: 30kW
Speed: 3000 rpm
Frame: 132M/L
Mass: 76kg
Volume: 24dm3





W22 Magnet IE5

• Output: 3 to 315kW
• Frame: 132S to 315S/M
• Speed: 3000, 1500 and 1000 rpm
• Voltage: 400 V
• Degree of protection: IP55
• Bearing seal:
• V´ring (frames 132S to 200L)
• WSeal (from frame 225S/M and above
• Insulation: F (ΔT 80K)
• Service factor: 1.0
• Thermal protection: PTC
• Insulated NDE bearing hub and AEGIS shaft grounding
(from frames 225S/M and above)
• Mounting: B3T
• TEFC (IC 411) per IEC 60034-6
• Possibility of operation in overspeed
• Optional characteristics on request

Mass reduction

Voltage supply: 380 to 480V

• Power: up to 1141 A (500kW)
• Sensorless vector control: it allows the CFW11 to control the speed motor from zero up to its rated speed
• Remote Operating Interface (HMI) with backlight, soft keys, graphic display and real-time clock
• Inductors incorporated on the DC Link to improve harmonic mitigation
• Communication protocol and accessories: Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, Ethernet / IP, Modbus-RTU and Profinet
• IP55 available as optional item up to 211A (110kW)
• Adaptable to all kinds of load
• USB port
• FLASH memory

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