HATZ Diesel Australia is one of the major suppliers of air-cooled industrial diesel engines in Australia and New Zealand.

Our parent company in Germany has been manufacturing engines for over 130 years and has developed into being a specialist for diesel engines rated up to 62KW.

The basis of all activities is the development and production of high-quality and rugged diesel engines. Our customers around the globe value the performance and reliability of our products.

The full range of the HATZ heavy duty diesel engines are only manufactured by our parent company in Germany under stringent quality control to ensure reliability and durability.

A new generation of HATZ water-cooled and turbocharged diesel engines have now complemented the existing air-cooled range of engines, extending the HATZ product portfolio with the H-series.

Starting with the 4H50TI and 4H50TIC water-cooled four-cylinder models, HATZ is relying on common-rail technology, turbocharger, and external exhaust gas recirculation.

The new HATZ 4H50TI & 4H50TIC engines excel as compact, lightweight and robust in design. Setting new standards in the performance class up to 62kW.

This engine is equipped with a BOSCH common-rail system for excellent fuel efficiency.

Other benefits of these engines are their light weight, compactness, high torque and low vibration.

For over 30 years, HATZ Diesel Australia has supported the Australian market by providing quality products, unmatched spare parts supply, and the best service support anyone could ask for.

The HATZ diesel engines are truly heavy duty industrial units designed for construction equipment, irrigation pumps, travelling irrigators ,and generating sets.

Regardless of whether your requirement is water pumps for irrigation plants or emergency power generators for complete building complexes, HATZ has an engine for you. Thanks to their air-cooling and rugged construction, HATZ engines can be used everywhere, even in the most adverse conditions.

For specification brochures, technical information or a more comprehensive look at HATZ Diesel Australia, please feel free to visit our website located at

If you would like to discuss your application, please contact the HATZ sales team for assistance on 1300 796 900.

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