Southern Cross submersible borehole pump installed

Midwest Valves & Controls has supplied and installed a Southern Cross submersible pump which runs on a 240 volt supply.

The pump selected was an SD1-19-C055 which had a 0.55kW Sava motor. As the flow rate was only 20 litres per minute, a shroud and shroud adapter were employed to direct all the water past the bottom of the motor to cool it. The shroud adapter was clamped to a 32mm stainless steel riser. This riser screwed into the stainless connection fitting for a Crusader Hose product called Flexibore 100 that had a stainless connector before the bore cap.

The water level in the storage tank was controlled using a Mac3 liquid float. Instead of sending level probes down the casing we employed a Kelco flow switch in the surface pipework to protect the pump for any no flow situations. This was an inexpensive way to pump water safely from the borehole.

Midwest Valves & Controls can select and supply Onga and Southern Cross pumps to meet your requirements. If anyone is looking for an Onga 184 centrifugal transfer pump with a 415V 3 phase motor we have one in stock.

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