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NOV Mono has been nominated as the preferred supplier for a major new pressure sewer network in Victoria. Having evaluated various other alternatives, urban water corporation Wannon Water has chosen Mono’s innovative InviziQ™ pressure sewer system as the most cost-effective and easy-maintenance option for the Dutton Way project in Portland, Victoria.

The Dutton Way residential project currently includes 180 properties which are serviced by septic sewage tanks. This figure will increase to 314 homes, all of whom will have the option to install an InviziQ™ sewage pumping system that feeds into the existing Portland sewer network. The InviziQ™ system is the perfect answer for a development like Dutton Way, giving each home access to a highly effective sewage solution. The system can be scaled up as new properties are added over time.  

“We were able to present the InviziQ™ system to Wannon Water, and took the opportunity to demonstrate our ability to provide technical support for a large-scale project such as this,” says Mono’s Technical Sales Representative, Daniel McClusky. “As the InviziQ™ system used on the Dutton Way project is installed by a certified installer, free training sessions have been provided for local contractors to obtain certified status.”

Any Dutton Way resident who chooses to install an InviziQ™ system on their property will be supported by Wannon Water, who will be responsible for maintaining the unit’s pump and motor assemblies for life.

Designed as an intelligent alternative to conventional gravity sewering options, InviziQ™ provides controlled transfer of sewage, but because it does not rely on gravity it offers the freedom to install sewers in any area, irrespective of the terrain, slope, environmental sensitivity or topography. It features a network constructed from small diameter pipe, and can be installed either in narrow trenches or via directional drilling. This gives virtually unlimited freedom in the design and layout of the network, which can then be sized to meet the specific needs of each individual project.

InviziQ™ uses advanced PCB-based control technology and versatile software allowing it to self-monitor and run diagnostic tests to ensure that the system is operating efficiently. It can also support two-way telemetry for remote monitoring, and multiple InviziQ™ systems can be linked to enable centralized network management


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