WEG has a complete range of medium voltage motor control products and the expertise to offer optimised solutions for any application. Contact WEG Australia to discuss the options available for single and multi-pump applications.

WEG Drive and Soft-starters

• WEG MVW01 medium voltage drive

• WEG MVW3000 medium voltage drive

• WEG SSW7000 medium voltage soft-starter

All WEG medium voltage drive panels incorporate the following user benefits:

• Fully withdrawable power cells. The power cells are rack-in and rack-out for ease of use and safety

• Key interlock system that ensures mechanical and electrical interlocking for safe panel access

• Long-life plastic film capacitors, extending both the product lifespan as well as the maintenance cycle. This technology eliminates the need for reforming the capacitors after storage, even after prolonged storage.

WEG MVW01 High Efficiency Drive System

WEG MVW01 medium voltage variable speed drive uses state-of the-art high voltage IGBT technology and consequently boasts industry- leading drive efficiency of over 98.5 per cent.

The MVW01 drive also offers the flexibility of either integral dry-type transformer or separate outdoor oil-type transformer, which equates to extraordinary reduction in heat loss and footprint in the substation room.

MVW01 highlights:

• Transformer integral dry-type, or outdoor oil type

• High efficiency of >98.5 per cent

• 300kW up to 24MW

• 3.3kV, 4.16kV, 6.6kV

• VSD panel dimension:

» 2316 x 1000 x 980 (h x w x d in mm) – up to 850kW

» 2190 x 2600 x 960 (h x w x d in mm) – up to 2800kW

WEG MVW3000 Multi-Level H-Bridge Drive System

WEG MVW3000 medium voltage variable speed drive range offers plug and play 3-cables-in and 3-cables-out design. It comprises integral transformer, optional integral switchgear, and modular power cells providing motor- friendly multi-level sinusoidal output voltage.

Perfect for standard motors, it can be applied to both new and retrofit installations without concern for the motor insulation system. It is also beneficial for applications of long cable lengths.

MVW3000 highlights:

• Integral solution – plug and play

• Sinusoidal motor-friendly output waveform

• 300kW up to 12MW

• 3.3kV up to 13.8kV

WEG SSW7000 Medium Voltage Soft-starter

WEG SSW7000 soft-starter boasts state-of-the art motor control and protection. It has multiple starting control mode options, including a special algorithm for pump starting and stopping designed to eliminate pressure overshoots and water hammer.

The SSW7000 incorporates built-in automatic bypass function as a standard feature and can also be programmed for DOL starting in the event of a thyristor failure.

SSW7000 product highlights:

• Built-in automatic bypass

• Application specific starting control such as Pump Torque Control

• Starting option for DOL can be selected to allow starting even in the event of a thyristor fault

• 300kW up to 10MW

• 3.3kV up to 13.8kV

Customised Solutions

WEG medium voltage variable speed drives have proprietary PLC functionality available as an optional accessory. This allows customised programming of customer specific application requirements.

One such application is multi-pump starting using one VSD. In this scheme, one VSD is able to start a pump and then bypass that motor to the grid using its synchronous bypass functionality.

In this way the VSD can be used to start multiple pumps in a system, and speed control can be applied to one selected unit to allow for flow control.

Starting scheme for multi-pump using one VSD with synchronous bypass functionality.

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