Self-lubricated polymer bearings and bushes manufacturer Vesconite Bearings has added three computer numerically controlled lathes and machining centres to its machine shop.

Among the equipment installed is a Mazak slant turn lathe with a C axis, a Gate ECL 550 gap bed lathe and a Haas HS-1 horizontal machining centre.

Dr Jean-Patrick Leger, Chairperson, said, “We are excited to be adding these machines to our machine shop. We want to have additional capacity to allow for our ambitious growth targets.”

The machines are similar to existing equipment that Vesconite Bearings has on hand, but have been purchased to ensure that the company has an additional ten per cent capacity to ramp up its production by ten times in the next ten years.

This is in line with the company’s objective to gain ten per cent of the world market share of the type of niche polymers that the company produces, thereby increasing sales by ten times within ten years.

The company’s extensive machining capacity, which will increase to 70 machines next month, is well regarded globally and allows the company to manufacture precision machined custom wear parts made out of various polymers, as well as finish moulded products.

Vesconite Bearings has a factory floor space of 20,000m², and its factory includes polymer compounding, extrusion and moulding shops in addition to its extensive machine shop.

The company makes rods, machined plates and bushings as stock parts, as well as high-quality finished parts for the agriculture, railway, mining, pump, heavy transport, hydro, renewable, earthmoving and marine industries.

The polymer bushings and wear materials manufacturer prides itself on fast production, turnaround and delivery, with an average global delivery time, using various courier companies with global experience, of three to seven working days.

The company also focuses significantly on training and skills development, and is currently mentoring 23 young people as part of its apprenticeship programs.

Vesconite Bearings boasts customers in more than 100 countries, exports over half of its total sales, and dispatches large orders regularly to the US, China, South America and Australasia.

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