SPX is a leading manufacturer of centrifugal, power and steam-driven reciprocating pumps for both onshore and offshore applications in the hydrocarbon processing market.

SPX pumps are designed to API standards and are utilised in refineries, gas plants, offshore oil platforms, FPSOs and pipelines around the world.

Pump packages are commonly supplied as complete engineered solutions inclusive of advanced API seals and sealing systems, lubrication systems, instrumentation and various drive train options.

When customers buy from SPX they have the peace of mind knowing that they are going to get a product or solution that is high quality, reliable and efficient, backed by an organisation with strong capabilities in service and support.

Trust in the quality of SPX products has been the foundation of their business success for more than 100 years.

SPX has the advantage of being a large global manufacturer of a broad range of industrial equipment and systems. If a customer is looking to purchase a pump from SPX, they may also need a mixer or a heat exchanger. With SPX, customers can purchase all of these components or an entire processing line from a single, trusted supplier.

SPX also takes a global approach to their aftermarket services. Generally speaking, if a customer buys a pump in Europe, SPX will support it in Asia, the Americas or in India, for instance. SPX understands that this kind of support network is important to customers.

The quality of the people SPX has behind their solutions is also part of the key to the company’s success.

Their engineers have an incredible wealth of experience that enables them to effectively meet all of the technical requirements of a job and often push the envelope of a product to meet the particular specialised requirements of an application, providing added value to the customer.

One of the reasons SPX win competitive contracts is because they’re able to put their most knowledgeable experts directly in front of the customer and demonstrate that they know how to solve their issues and optimise their processes. That’s the kind of expertise that customers tend to trust and value the most.

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