Global pump giant Sulzer has turned to AllightSykes to spearhead its future growth in dewatering pumps across Australia and New Zealand.

The distribution deal adds Sulzer’s market-leading submersible dewatering drainage and sludge pump lineup to the Sykes auto-prime dewatering range and opens up exciting new opportunities for the partnership in the competitive dewatering sector.

From its global headquarters in Switzerland, Sulzer has specialised in devising and delivering pumping solutions for over 180 years. The group serves clients around the world through a network of over 150 production and service sites and with its 15,000 employees generates annual sales in excess of $4billion.

Since May 2015, AllightSykes has had the rights to distribute Sulzer’s extensive range of dewatering pumps to the mining, construction, rental and general industries.

AllightSykes Pump Business Unit Manager Darren Coles said “As a business, securing the right partners is as essential as providing the ultimate equipment solutions. The Sulzer submersible dewatering pumps are a perfect fit as a companion product for the Sykes auto-prime range.”

AllightSykes Pump Product Manager Chris O’Brien said “Sulzer submersible dewatering pumps boast cutting edge technology that provides end-users great value for money.

“Much of the worldwide success of Sulzer’s submersibles stems from their ‘intelligence’ – a range of features that make them ideally suited for rental, tunneling, construction, mining, and general industry applications.”

Mark Goddard, Head of Sales, Sulzer Pumps (ANZ) said “We are delighted to have AllightSykes as our distributor for our submersible dewatering product range. Our range complements their products, it’s a great fit.”

When two of the world’s best-regarded pump brands Sulzer and Sykes unite behind a common goal to drive efficiencies and improve construction and mining project safety and productivity, the market response will surely be positive. This partnership will be a force to be reckoned with in the dewatering space and both brands have a lot to look forward to.

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